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Setting Up for your New Flock

  • Housing: Chicks 1-4 weeks old need housing (A brooder initially and a coop ready to grow into) with bedding, a warmer, feeder and waterer.

  • Feed: Non-GMO Chick Starter Crumble -- we feed chick crumble for the life of the Chicken due to the higher protein content.

  • Coop Feeder / Waterer: RentaCoop makes the best stuff! This gravity fed waterer / feeder set is perfect for a smaller flock, or you can scale up and purchase their waterer / feeder attachments to go on a feed bucket

  • Medicine / Supplements: Chicks and Chickens benefit from some supplements in their water from time to time! We like Hydro-Hen for the water, Chick Grit for new chicks, Oyster Cells for laying hens. Vetericyn works for wounds and infections -- it's like magic healing spray! Pick No More to protect vulnerable wounds from added attention. 

  • Incubator: If you'd like to start with purchasing hatching eggs, we like this table top incubator. It's a little pricier, but it allows you to see the hatch taking place and more easily remove hatched chicks without disturbing those who are in process.


We are beyond thankful to have had the opportunity to jump from suburban living to acreage tucked in the woods so we can experiment and exercise our creativity as we all grow up -- animals, kids, and adults alike. We are grateful to the influences of Joel Salatin, Justin Rhodes, and the many permaculturists we've studied in the last couple of years that has given us the framework and the why to step into a lifestyle that is more connect, integrated, and responsible for the world in which we live. We are just at the beginning of unpacking these things and seeing the evidences of our mindset shifts, but we are so thankful to be on the journey! If you'd like to see how all of this is unfolding, follow us on YouTube at the link below.



Every member is significant and connected. We all have need of one another. The sooner we can recognize the gifts around us, the further we can go in the riches life has to offer.

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