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  • How do I get my Coop home?
    We can deliver and install your coop for you!
  • Do you have any laying hens available?
    We will post available chicks and hens on a weekly basis. We will have pullets closer to the point of lay later in the spring and will note those on our website.
  • How old are your chicks?
    We are hatching chicks weekly, so our chick prices apply to this weeks hatch (1-2 day old chicks) and are $1+ per week of age beyond that.
  • What do I need to bring chicks home?
    Chickens need food, shelter, protection, and cleanliness to be the best chickens they can be! Food: Feed your chickens non-GMO chicken feed, supplemented with table scraps of all kinds, and time outside to eat bugs and greens. Keep water clean and fresh! Shelter: Chickens need a secure place from the elements - dry, protected from the wind. Protection from Predators: Somewhere to take cover from a hawk, fencing to prevent wandering dogs from having a snack, and secured housing to keep opposums, foxes, and racoons away. Cleanliness: Chickens can suffer from disease if they do not have the proper sanitation. Using bedding such as pine shavings or mulch will keep chicken manure from building up in their shelters and causing respiratory or parasite problems. If you are purchasing chicks that are under 4 weeks old, you will need a heat source until the chicks are fully feathered. 4 - 8 week old chicks can handle being outside without supplemental heat if the weather is mild. We do not recommend free ranging your chickens until they are at least 12 weeks of age and should do so with supervision as they are much more vulnerable to predation when they are young.
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